Terrabio is a company based in Brussels, Belgium, that offers an organic market as well as organic fruit and vegetable basket delivery services. The company is committed to the promotion of organic, local and sustainable agriculture, offering high quality products grown with care.

Terrabio's organic market offers a wide variety of organic products, from fruits and vegetables to dairy products, baked goods and household products. All products are responsibly grown, locally grown and in season to ensure freshness and quality. The company works closely with local producers to guarantee the traceability and quality of the products offered.

In addition to its organic market, Terrabio also offers home delivery services of organic fruit and vegetable baskets. The baskets are made up of seasonal and high quality products, grown in a responsible manner and delivered directly to your home. By choosing Terrabio, you can be assured of fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly produce, while supporting sustainable farming practices.

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