Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified: 24/06/2022

Nowa Market and your personal data

This privacy statement explains how we handle your personal data. Please be assured that we do so with care.


Who is this privacy statement for?

Are you one of our customers or have you joined our waiting list? Then we use your personal data and this privacy statement applies to you. You may also visit our website. In this case, we also use your personal data.


Who is responsible for your data?
We, Nowa Market SRL, with registered office at Avenue Yvan Lutens 37B/3, 1150 Brussels, are responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What are personal details?

Personal details say something about you. The most well-known personal details are name, (e-mail) address, age and date of birth. Your bank account, your telephone number and your IP address are also personal data. A special type of personal data is special personal data. This is, for example, data about your health. Think of allergy information. We can only use this data if it is required by law or if you give us permission to do so. Otherwise, we cannot.


On what basis do we process your data?

Of course we are not allowed to use your data in this way. We can only do so if we have a 'basis' for doing so, as defined by law. This means that we may use your data for one or more of the following reasons:



We need your data to enter into an agreement, for example if you are shopping on our website.


Legal obligation

There are many rules set out in law that we must follow. It states that we must store your personal data and for how long. Other organisations sometimes have to request data. Think of the tax authorities or the Ministry of Justice. If necessary, we will provide the data.


Justified interests of Nowa Market or other parties

We may use your data if we have a 'legitimate interest' in doing so. In this case, we must be able to demonstrate that our interest in using your data outweighs your right to privacy. So we weigh up all the interests. But when is that? We explain this with some examples:

  • We protect your assets and data, our own and others.
  • We keep you informed about product changes. And you will receive advice, benefits and other relevant news through press releases.
  • We want to manage our administration and processes efficiently. We are constantly renewing our systems, services and production, using other service providers and conducting statistical research. We do this to optimise the service we offer you.
  • We want to know if you are satisfied with our services and have them tested.


What does Nowa Market use your data for?

We use your data to ensure that our business and services are as good, reliable and efficient as possible. This includes the following purposes:

  1. Optimising your orders

Before you can shop with us, you must create an account. Here you fill in your own data. On the basis of the data you have entered in the account, we can enter the order, process it and deliver it (or have it delivered). We can also contact you about your order if necessary. For example, if you have given feedback or asked a question about your order. We may also conduct or commission a survey to improve your experience. In addition to this data, we may also use your order details. This is not directly personal data, but we think it is important for you to know. We use this information for analytical purposes in order to tailor and personalise our range of products and services and to take appropriate action.

  1. Your use of the website

When you visit our website, we use automatically generated user information. This allows us to make the website work properly and to personalise your visit. In addition, we may use software to measure and collect data about visitors.

  1. Actions

For some future special promotions, it may be necessary to ask you for additional information. We will then link this information to your account so that you can participate in the special offer.

  1. Contact

When you contact us, we will store your contact information and your question, comment or complaint. We use the information we collect to respond to your question or complaint and for general statistical purposes.

  1. Product recalls

If one of our manufacturers or suppliers wishes to withdraw a product from the market (e.g. for safety reasons), we may use your order information and data to inform you.

  1. Other purposes

We may use your data for purposes other than those for which you originally provided it to us. The new purpose must be compatible with the purpose for which you originally gave us your data. The law calls this "compatible use of data". The law does not say exactly when this is the case, but it provides some reference points:

  • Is there a clear link to the purpose for which you previously provided the data? Does the new purpose fit in?
  • How did we receive the data? Did we receive the data from you or in some other way?
  • What kind of data is it exactly? Is it sensitive or less sensitive?
  • What are the consequences for you? Is it to your advantage, disadvantage or does it not matter?
  • What can we do to best protect your data? For example, anonymisation or encryption.


Other parties who use your data on our behalf

In order to provide a good service, we work with other companies who help us. We are not allowed to give them your details just like that. We choose these companies carefully and clearly agree how they will handle your data, which is recorded in a contract. We remain responsible for your data.


Use of your data for direct marketing

We want to inform you about our products and similar products and services that we offer that may be suitable for you. We do this even if you visit our website (and may not yet be a customer). We use a number of different sources to do this. You can read about these below:

The personal data we have received from you as part of the contract and your account. When you visit our website, we look at how you use it. We do this, for example, by logging your IP address. We do this so that we can provide you with relevant personal offers. You must have agreed to the use of cookies and similar techniques such as javascripts.

The use of social media depends on your privacy settings on the various social media sites.



In addition to the personal data you provide to us (such as the above), we also collect data using cookies and similar techniques. This data includes the following:

Data about the devices you use to visit our website. This includes your phone or tablet's unique identifier, information about your operating system version, the browser you use and your device settings.

Information about how you use the website. This includes the clicks you make during your visit, but also the pages of our domain you visit and the time you do so, as well as the products you end up delivering.


Third party cookies

In addition to our own cookies, we also place third-party cookies from Facebook, Instagram and Google (Google Analytics) on our website. This is necessary to be able to show you our advertisements. Third party cookies are subject to their own privacy and cookie policies.


Social media

Through our social media channels, we engage with customers and website visitors about our organisation, products and/or services. We do this to provide useful and relevant information and/or answer questions that come in via social media. We use the internet and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for this purpose. Of course, it may happen that we record (personal) data. Of course, we process this in accordance with this privacy statement. Do you have any questions or comments? Then please contact us via [email protected]



We use profiling. We do this for various reasons. One reason is marketing.


Direct marketing

We use profiling to provide you with tailored offers. Based on a number of characteristics, we try to determine your interests. Only if you fit a certain profile will you be selected for relevant marketing. Of course, we check the use of the data against the privacy rules. You can always object to the creation of a personalised profile for direct marketing purposes. You can change this in your account or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

If you do not agree with us, we will check on a case-by-case, data type and group basis whether direct marketing is permitted in certain situations.


Security of your data

We do our utmost to protect your data as much as possible:

  • We invest in our systems, procedures and staff.
  • We train our staff to handle your data securely.


Your data outside Europe

Your data may also be processed outside Europe. This is subject to additional rules. Not all countries have the same strict privacy laws as Europe. If it is necessary to transfer your data to other companies or organisations outside Europe, we will ensure that we have a separate agreement with these parties that complies with European standards.


How do we determine how long we keep your data?

We will in any case retain data for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose. The AVG does not have a specific retention period for personal data. Other laws may provide for minimum retention periods. In that case, we must also keep the data for that period. Take tax legislation, for example. We may be involved in a court case or other proceedings. In these cases, we keep the data in order to be able to demonstrate how the file is structured. We may keep the data in an archive until any claim is time-barred and we can no longer be involved in any proceedings.


What are my rights?

  • Right to object to direct marketing

Do you no longer wish to receive offers for our products and services? Then you can always unsubscribe. You can do this in every marketing e-mail by clicking on the corresponding link.

  • Right to object to profiling

You may not want us to use your data for profiling purposes. However, we are sometimes allowed to do so. For example, to manage risk. Of course, we comply with the law in doing so. You can always object to the creation of a personalised profile for direct marketing purposes.

  • Access, rectification, omission, restriction

You have the right to request an overview of the personal data we use about you.

Is your data incorrect? Then you can ask us to amend your data.

You can always ask us to delete your data. However, we cannot always do this and we do not always have to allow it. For example, if we are required by law to keep your data for a longer period.

You can also ask us to temporarily restrict the use of your personal data. You can do this if, for example, you believe that your personal data is incorrect or if we use your personal data for an incorrect purpose.

  • Right to the transferability of your data

Would you like to have access to the data that you have provided to us and that we automatically store for the performance of a contract? This is possible, but only if we process your data on the basis of your consent or on the basis of the contract we have concluded with you. This is called "data portability". If you wish to use this option, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


Do you have a complaint or is something unclear?

Please contact us if you have any questions about the privacy statement. We are happy to help you, [email protected]. Do you disagree with the way we process your data? You can file a complaint with us at [email protected]. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority.


Would you like to read it at another time?

You can save our privacy statement by selecting "Save as" or "Save page as" in your browser. Please note that the privacy statement will be amended at a later date.


Changes to the privacy statement

Changes in the law or in our services and products may affect the way we use your personal data. If this happens, the privacy statement will be amended and this will be indicated. We recommend that you check the privacy statement regularly to see if anything has changed.


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