The questions we were asked the most:


- Will there be yoghurt?

At this time there are no fresh ones at NOWA Market

- Are personal containers allowed?

For the moment we do not accept outside containers.

- Are the deliveries Eco responsible (Bicycle..)?

Yes, this is one of our main objectives.

- Are the delivery charges passed on to each order without degressivity according to the amount of the global order?

The delivery remains at 2€ whatever the amount of the order.

- What is the scope for a home delivery in one of the BXL's municipalities? or necessarily in a White Night?

For the moment, deliveries are only made via pick-up points.

- Other pick-up points in BXL?

For the moment there are only the White Nights, but we are working to diversify the number and types of relay points.

- Delivery in Brussels only?

Yes, for the moment we only deliver in Brussels.

- Are there any gluten free products?

Yes we have gluten free products but our range is not entirely gluten free.

- Do all the products have an organic label?

Our range is composed of 98% of organic products, we have the BIO certisys certification.

- How long do you accept orders until the day before delivery?

You have the possibility to order until midnight for the next day.

- Are the products direct from the producer?

Yes, some products are direct from the producer.

- Are there more fresh products (butter - pastry - or ready-made meals)?

NOWA Market does not sell fresh products for the moment except for fruits and vegetables.

- Will there be more kinds of cereals?

It takes time but we are trying to expand the range as soon as possible.

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