Jean Hervé

Jean Hervé

Jean Hervé, founder of the brand of the same name, launched his first dried fruit puree in 1976, motivated by the desire to offer healthy vegetarian products to supplement the vegetarian diet and to rebalance organisms weakened by the modern lifestyle. Over the years, the company has grown and its range of products has expanded, retaining the traditional manufacturing methods of its beginnings, particular processes that have made Jean Hervé famous. Thus, the drying of the dried fruit is still done over a wood fire and the grinding is still done with a stone millstone at low temperature. In this way, Jean Hervé finds the perfect balance between respecting the nutritional qualities of the dried fruit and the harmony of the flavours. Today, Jean Hervé offers a wide range of delicious oilseed purees, various spreads, marzipan and aperitif mixes; enough to enjoy at any time of the day!

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