No Waste accessible to all

No Waste accessible to all

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Why a zero waste vision?

Why a zero waste vision?

"A zero waste vision can and should be applied to most current societal challenges – be it climate, businesses, cities, our own lifestyle.” – Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director at Zero Waste Europe

"Waste is a design flaw" - Kate Krebs, Director, External Affairs at Closed Loop Partners

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Healthy Living Has Never been this easy

Healthy Living Has Never been this easy

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Bring back your empty containers!

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  • Product of Belgium
Potje d'ici

Sweet potato and peanut

A soup with exotic flavours

€ 7,90
750 ml

  • Product of Belgium
Atelier du pain vivant

Small spelt bread

Delivery WEDNESDAY only

€ 6,00
1 unit


Oat milk barista

If oat can become milk, you can become anything.

€ 2,70
1 l

  • Product of Belgium

Golden milk

Golden milk for golden night

€ 12,70
100 g


Peeled buckwheat

The glutenfree grain

€ 4,50
550 g


Sour Cream Cashew nuts

The tastiest

€ 4,90
200 g



The sleep nut

€ 2,30
130 g

Katjang Pedis

Crispy peanuts

Anything more for the apéro?

€ 1,70
190 g

  • Product of Belgium
Terra Beo

BIO vegetable basket

Mix of seasonal veggies

€ 15,00
1 unit

Terroirs du Liban

Za'atar spices

A touch of the Middle East

€ 2,20
70 g

  • Product of Belgium
Terra Beo


€ 2,60
1 unit

  • Product of Belgium
Terra Beo

Red onion (+/- 500g)

Get your veggies in

€ 1,20
500 g

Oli Aixandri

Tomato concentrate

Belgium in Spain

€ 4,10
250 g

Oli Aixandri

Peeled tomatoes

Belgium in Spain

€ 4,10
660 g


Cashew and almond spread

Creamy spread

€ 4,80
120 g

  • Product of Belgium

Traditional Masala Chaï

Originally from India, Masala Chai is a black tea flavoured with spices.

€ 12,50
100 g


Pine nut

The base to pesto

€ 4,60
90 g


Pumpkin seeds

They make a great topping when roasted in soy sauce!

€ 2,30
100 g

Jean Hervé

White almond butter

Peanut butter alternative

€ 11,70
300 g

  • Product of Belgium

Hand dishwashing liquid

Clean pots and pans

€ 1,00
250 ml

Clemence et Vivien

Deodorant balm geranium and plamarosa

A kiss for the armpits

€ 8,20
1 unit

  • Product of Belgium
Bières de Quartiers

Quartier Saint Boniface 33cl

Taste your neighborhood

€ 2,95
1 unit

  • Product of Belgium

Santé juice

The energy!

€ 3,20
750 ml

OKO Vital

Sour vegan candy

For the sweet tooth

€ 3,40
200 g

Amazing ecological household products and excellent choice for organic, artisan foods!! Great service, speedy delivery - all jars arrived in mint condition.. 

Looking forward for the next order soon!


Life-changing concept for those who want to shop zero-waste but don't have the time to do so. So happy with my order and the products!!


We are on a mission to make zero waste groceries accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make zero waste grocery shopping accessible to everyone.

We are here because the food industry has made it impossible to avoid packaging and plastic waste. We want to change that. Nowa Market makes sustainable shopping easier and more accessible. We want to do more than just recycle, we want to say no to plastic.

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Enjoy and consume at your own pace

When you pick up your next order, bring back your old bag and containers and your deposit will be refunded on the website! It's easy!

It seems more important than ever to reconnect with each other, with our food and with our planet. Our jar is always half full! And reusable.

We hope to see you soon! ♻️

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