Whole wheat penne

Whole wheat penne

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Pasta artists, bright and nutritious flavors

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Penne is a tube-shaped pasta beveled at both ends.
One of the most popular forms of short pasta in a tube. Their shape is particularly well suited to short, hearty sauces with pieces of meat or vegetable, which can fit inside the tube.
In Italian, penne means feather, in the sense of pen. The name was probably given to them by analogy with the old goose feathers, with the end bevelled to allow writing.

Wholemeal flour provides more fibre and minerals than white dough. 
Thanks to the processing method, all parts of the grain remain in a wholemeal dough, giving it extra natural fibre, B-complex vitamins, inorganic minerals and protein.

Helios Penne is made with organic Greek wheat and combines high nutritional value with a delicious taste without pesticides or chemical additives. 
Wheat, one of nature's greatest gifts, is even tastier when it is organic.

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