White almond butter

White almond butter

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An explosion of sweet flavours for almond lovers

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Almond puree is made from blanched almonds (the skin is removed by steaming), air-dried and ground with a temperature base, for better digestibility, developing their aroma while preserving their precious unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to its nutritional qualities due to its calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin E content, and its natural lecithin content, almond puree is indispensable for cooking as a replacement for animal fats. It can be incorporated into desserts, cooked dishes or spread as is. It can be incorporated at the end of cooking vegetables for example, and replaces fresh cream advantageously. It is also used to supplement baby food. It can be diluted with water (3 cc for 1/2 litre) to obtain a milk. The oil will normally settle. Stir with each use. Keep away from moisture and light.

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