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Santé juice

Santé juice

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Immediately after harvesting, the freshly pressed juices are inoculated with lactic acid bacteria. By fermenting carbohydrates and sugars, which are naturally present in the vegetables, a racemic mixture is obtained, a mixture of dextrorotatory and levorotatory lactic acids.
In Pajottenlander lacto-fermented vegetable juices, the proportion of dextrorotatory (L+) lactic acid bacteria is very high. This is a body-specific variant that is easily assimilated by the body and thus facilitates digestion.
Lactic acid bacteria are a natural and healthy preservative.
Lactobacilli increase the body's resistance and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. The more good bacteria there are, the less room there is for harmful bacteria.
A small glass of lacto-fermented vegetable juice every day certainly helps to contribute to good health.

Pajottenlander health juice has a warm orange-red colour.
The health juice is a mixture of freshly squeezed vegetables and herbs.
It is a very consistent juice, ideal as a case, helps to fight a feeling of hunger, used for juice cures.
Pajottenlander Health Juice gently stimulates the elimination of accumulated waste products and rebalances the energy balance. It stimulates digestion and tastes delicious. Ideal for juice cures, it is also part of a balanced diet. Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and organic acids.
Various vegetables in Pajottenlander juices are lacto-fermented: carrots in lacto-fermented carrot juice, red beetroot in red beetroot juice, carrots, red beetroot, celeriac and sauerkraut in health juice.

Tomato juice 74%, celeriac juice* 8%, carrot juice* 8%, beetroot juice* 4%, sauerkraut juice*, cucumber juice*, onion juice, pepper puree, sea salt 0.54%, herbs 0.8% (* lacto-fermented).
The composition of the herb preparation: celery, leek, fennel, lovage, watercress, parsley, thyme, marjoram, basil, garlic, chives, paprika and chili.
The vegetables are washed, ground, mashed and pressed immediately after harvest.

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