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Gomasio, from the Japanese goma (sesame) and shio (salt), is a condiment that is sprinkled on food. The sesame seeds and salt are lightly toasted over a wood fire and then ground with a stone grinder. Each particle of salt is then coated with the sesame seed oil. 

This coating does not mask the flavour or the nutritional qualities of the sesame, but allows for a better assimilation of the salt by vegetalizing it. Sesame, which is used in the composition of gomasio, is known for its high phosphorus and magnesium content. Rich in lipids and an important source of lecithin, gomasio is a typical food for the nervous and cerebral cells. 

Sea salt is an incomparable source of rare digestive elements. Directions for use : Sprinkled on cereals or raw vegetables, at a rate of one tablespoon per meal, goma-sio will enhance the flavour of all your dishes with its nutty taste. 

Ingredients: Sesame* from South America and/or Africa, sea salt from Portugal certified Nature & Progrès.

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