Ginger (+/- 150g)

Ginger (+/- 150g)

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The spicy radiance of the orient in every root

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Ginger is a tropical herbaceous plant with long, fragrant leaves. Ginger grows to a height of 1.5 metres and needs a particularly sunny spot and a humid atmosphere. Its family name is Zingiberaceae. A complicated word, but well known to the Chinese, for whom ginger is considered a remedy for everything. Because of the beneficial effect of ginger, an essential spice, it is widely used in Asian and Creole cuisine, and its juice is even used as a base for certain drinks in Africa. A stimulant and general tonic, its properties are very varied. Energetic, it is indicated in cases of fatigue, slow digestion, bloating, etc. Antitussive, it helps to prevent infectious diseases.

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