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Belgoo Blond 33cl

Belgoo Blond 33cl

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Founded in 2007 as a one man brewery and located in the valley of the river Senne in the region around Brussels. Specialised in multi grain and organic beers with a pronounced "nose".

With a mixture of different types of grains as barley, wheat, spelt and oats, and a well dosed amount of hops, we produce 9 differents well balanced dry hopped beers, each one with a distinctive  character.


Blond Belgian medium bitter IPA.  

Brewed with a unique combination of 3 different grains:

Barley malt

Wheat malt



Intensively dry hopped with  exotic hops like organic Citra for strong citrus fruit aromas. ALC: 6,4%Artisanal Belgian organic blond 3-cereal beer, top-fermented, with secondary fermentation in the bottle, unfiltered.

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